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Fast processing

As soon as the gig finishes, within a matter of hours I am able to provide some highlights (and later on the full coverage).

Upon request, you can get the photos in real-time, whilst the gig is still on ! This would allow you to post them on your social media.



You will get quality photos with an exceptional service.

These photos could also function as a promotional option for your next performance/festival.


I have extensive experience working with famous musicians, promoters and major festival organizers.

Positive feedbacks

I received a lot of positive feedbacks from musicians, promoters – they have been happy with the results I have delivered.

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photoshares by musicians

Meet Peter

I am a proactive photographer who has a solution-based mindset with clear communication and excellent interpersonal skills. 
I always aim to go the extra mile to capture the moment using my vision and ability, in order to provide You the best quality photos with an outstanding service. 
Throughout the years my work has been recognized by successful and famous musicians such as Jamiroquai, Kool & the Gang and Incognito.

With Jay Kay (Jamiroquai)

My photo exhibition at Colours of Ostrava, Ostrava, CZ

With Bluey (Incognito)

With Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai)

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